About Us

About Us

We are a registered non-profit organisation (limited by guarantee) incorporated in 2016. The primary aim of our organisation is to improve diversity and cohesion between the Black Minority Ethnicity (BME) and the UK Law enforcement agencies. This is by promoting diversity and equality for all in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, as we believe that a society that embraces equality and values diversity will help to enable everyone  feels involved and included in the society - especially in employment sectors. We aim to work in-conjunction with the police force and related government agencies, to assist in raising awareness amongst disadvantaged communities to give them a better understanding about the police force and their purpose for the community. This also involves educating youngsters in the most deprived areas about the dangers of weapons by leading community projects to keep youngsters occupied and inform them on the need to disengage from gang related crimes.

Diversity Watch directors will be responsible for the management of the project; including the delivery of bespoke training that will educate BME on issues such as race related hate crimes, as well as the delivery of Early intervention schemes for young adults to promote meaningful alternatives. Our directors have excellent knowledge, understanding and skills through life experiences on the issues at hand, and this will be used to tailor their workshops and training. In the aspect of engaging with the community,

Diversity Watch has five volunteers who are professionals in their various fields.

Mission statement

To facilitate services that will ensure no employee or client suffers direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of gender, gender identity, age, race, religion, belief, disability, sexual orientation or marital status in an organisation and institution.

To promote equal opportunities amongst communities who have been diminished by society, and ensure that we create safe and healthy communities who are thriving on peaceful co-existence, no matter the race.
To improve communication and integration between people of different ethnic, racial, social and cultural background.

Core values

We strive to create equal opportunities for all who have been diminished by society and ensure that they will not be discriminated against.

We aim to enhance public trust and confidence within the police force and improve efficiency, accessibility and effectiveness within the criminal justice system.

Diversity: We know it takes people with different ideas, skills and cultural backgrounds to create healthy communities and ensure that the police reflect the communities they serve. We encourage BME recruitment and differences of opinion in order to make a change.

We strive to minimize discrimination and support the need for growth in diversity.

We support methods to develop community cohesion and reduce the risk of crime.

Build social value

To respond to present and projected demographic changes in the UK.

To provide an environment that facilitates open and honest discussion of the sensitive issue of diversity in the law-enforcement agencies.

To propose legislative and regulatory policies that address diversity in the law-enforcement agencies.


We are committed to making a difference and promoting equal opportunities amongst societies, and we are determined to ensure that we create safe and healthy communities who are thriving on peaceful co-existence, no matter the race, which is and should be every communities paramount goal.

We hope to establish national advertisement framework that will promote BME representation and identify the problems they face during the recruitment process.

Conducting research to identify the key factors why BME’s are underrepresented in the UK police and the challenges they encounter during recruitment process.

Deliver monthly/bimonthly workshops and training sessions to over 500 people throughout the year.

Design an effective complaint structure in conjunction with the police force on how BME can channel their complaints when/if they feel they have been treated unfairly by the police.

To understand the risk factors in an individual’s background which may influence gang and youth violence crime; and inspire these individuals to overcome these challenges in order to prosper and succeed.

Improve efficiency, accessibility and effectiveness within the criminal justice system, alongside introducing new opportunities for individuals involved in crime or at risk of becoming involved.

Promote BME recruitment within Law enforcement and bridge the gap between the police and communities.

Develop effective solutions within communities, to reduce the risk of crime.

Clients satisfaction

To critically analyse the findings from conducted surveys and interviews from BME’s, to establish their perceptions concerning the barriers and challenges they encounter in police recruitment process and why they are underrepresented in the UK police.

To acknowledge and understand the barriers attached to BME candidates, In order to see a growth in diversity within law enforcement agencies in the UK.

To provide a service that is sympathetic and understanding of every culture’s needs, whilst at the same time improving the trust and confidence in the police force.

We believe that by promoting diversity in the police force will assist in the continuation of a more developed diverse police service in the future.

We believe in bringing people together to share ideas and create sustainable neighbourhood ideas.

We intend to work in-conjunction with the police force to implement this development and extend our influence.


At Diversity Watch we take pride in promoting positive changes and working to make a difference in society. Therefore, we have every faith that our service will be effective and will continue, in the future, to make a lasting change within local communities.

Mr Oghene-Ovoh Tyson Amurun

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) And Head of Operations

Mr Amurun is the founder and CEO of Diversity Watch. He is a trained Criminal Investigator who has vast knowledge in strategies of investigation; especially how decisions are made during criminal investigations relating to suspect, victim and witness. In addition, he is a PhD researcher from Derby University and holds a Master of Science, in Criminal Investigation.  Mr Amurun is currently working closely with Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Police on how to improve diversity and cohesion between the Blacks and Minority Ethnicities (BME) and the Police.

Dr Rashid Mainhas

Head of Training and Workshop

Dr Mainhas is the head of training and workshop in Diversity Watch. He is an Associate Lecturer in Criminal Investigation at the University of Derby. In addition, he has  PhD from Derby University.  he was researching in the area of criminal investigation. He holds a Master of Science, in Criminal Investigation from Derby University. His current PhD research focuses on, how a community is constructed as ‘suspect’ in public discourse and once constructed, how it may affect the investigative interviews with suspects from the ‘Suspect Community’.

Tokunbo Tunde Ibikunle

Legal Adviser

Tokunbo Ibikunle is a trained lawyer and a senior pastor. He is presently an Area Pastor with the RCCG in Nottingham UK, which is affiliated with over 750 branches across the UK. He is a mentor and a motivational speaker to BME, on how to stay away from crime and to become good citizens. Mr Ibikunle has vast knowledge in working with the BME communities. He is responsible to arrange meetings with community leaders, churches, mosques, Sikh community and other faith groups. In addition, Pastor Ibikunle is the legal adviser to Diversity Watch; he is responsible for the legal aspect of Diversity Watch project, by ensuring the projects are delivered as stipulated.

 Dr Emmanuel Igbinoba

Assistant Head of Research

Dr Emmanuel Igbinoba, has a PhD, in Economics from the University of Rome, Italy. He holds a Master of Science, in Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China and a Bachelor of Science, from Delta State University, Nigeria.
Dr Emmanuel has had hands-on experience with different institutions and private firms in Nigeria, China, Italy, South Africa, Namibia and Germany and can effectively handle both qualitative and quantitative assignments in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), business development and research documentation.
Dr Emmanuel is a seasoned researcher with attention to detail. He has handled research assignments right from proposal generation through to data collection, analysis, reporting, as well as presenting the findings. He was a research fellow at the Stellenbosch University, South Africa, a visiting research fellow at the Korean Institute of Economic Policy (KIEP), Korea and at Fudan University in China and is currently the Director of African studies at the Emerging Economies Forum.

Jamie Kate

Administrative Officer

Jamie-Kate is the Administrative Officer of Diversity Watch. Her role is to arrange appointments and manage the company’s paperwork; including personal tasks that is required to ensure the day-to-day of our organisation runs smoothly. In addition, her duties include receiving phone calls and dealing with our customer queries. Jamie-Kate has a diploma in Business Administration and she is also responsible for updating the company’s databases

Linsey Parker


Linsey Parker is the Manger of Diversity Watch. Her role is to run and manage the day to day activities of Diversity Watch. These include reviewing data, weighing opportunities and making decisions about the growth of Diversity Watch. In this role, she is also responsible for the  organising appointments and managing the company’s paperwork; including personal tasks that are required to ensure the day-to-day of our organisation runs smoothly. Linsey is in-charge of monitoring the performance of Diversity Watch projects and initiating action to strengthen results