Cultural Event

Promoting Cultural Diversity


We are showcasing many and diverse communities that make up the UK through events in schools as a mechanism that schools can use to promote cross-cultural integration and peaceful co-existence among children from diverse cultures due to migration and other factors.


The adoption of effective cultural awareness strategies in schools will help to eradicate discrimination and hate fuelled relationships, aggression and exploitation between children, staff and the communities they live in. For instance, previous research in a variety of contexts has found that for children and young immigrants, cultural stress and discrimination can have adverse health consequences, causing problems such as anxiety, depression, aggressive behaviour, poor sense of belonging, poor academic outcomes and substance use. Cultural awareness thereby becomes a resourceful phenomenon benefitting scholarly and scientific collaboration for advancement as well as promoting peace in the society, including schools. It will also help to address aspiration and integration and help support the agenda of keeping children safe and helping them thrive. 

Our Approach

Our approach is to improve cultural intelligence and psychological wellbeing and help mould and develop sound relationships among children devoid of sex, ethnicity, race and socio-economic status.

Our Programme

Session A

  • Will establish the foundation of the various cultures by showcasing different cultures through their cultural outfits, playing, dancing, singing, showcasing of their values, and endeavour to execute effective communication through cultural information according to their norms and practices. Each culture we focus on will demonstrate their cultural heritage performances through their dressing via a showcase. 

Session B

  • Will be for discussions and interactions about the cultures and a historical journey with the children, quiz and will include music.
Benefits of the event
  1. It will enable the children and young people to be aware of different cultures and tradition. 
  2. The event will also improve their cultural intelligence and psychological wellbeing to mould sound relationships among children devoid of sex, ethnicity, race and socio-economic status.
  3. It will boost intellectual capacity in children to trust and be connected with divergent cultures directly and indirectly. 
  4. It will promote social integration among children and young people with divergent ethnic groups, race, and gender
  5. Educating the children and young people about different countries and promoting cultural heritage 
  6. Early intervention strategy to prevent racial discrimination and hate crime

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