Early Intervention Scheme

Violence Prevention


Incidents of workplace violence are steadily on the rise.  Yet, many businesses are completely unprepared and without defensible workplace violence prevention, emergency preparedness, and threat management programs.


Diversity Watch provides scalable workplace violence prevention and emergency preparedness programs for all businesses — small and large; corporate, government, and academic; private and public.  We work with clients who are committed to the security of their work environments, but who, like many of us, don’t believe that an incident of workplace violence is likely to happen in their place of business!


Our menu of services is designed for customization specific to the organizational culture, risk environment, and budget of each client.  We promote security strategies that build coalitions and leverage resources among workforce stakeholders, including management, Human Resources (HR), legal, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and security.


Our goal is to assist employers to meet their requirements to provide a safe workplace that is free from hazards or harm.



  • Workplace violence prevention and emergency preparedness needs assessment
  • Policy evaluation and development
  • Implementing secure workplace initiative practices and procedures
  • Establishing threat assessment capabilities and resources (internal and outsourced)
  • Threat assessment and active shooter training for employees
  • Secure workplace training for managers
  • Individual case consultation and behavioral threat assessment
  • Strategies to create a culture of safety and awareness

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