Training Assistances


Diversity Watch will be conducting bespoke training that will assist to facilitate positive relationships between BME/ new and emerging communities and the Police. These trainings will help to build trust between BME and police; and to recalibrate the mentality of the BME into joining the police.


Workshops with BME in the UK to identify their needs in the area of policing:

  • Diversity in the police force.
  • Institutional racism.
  • Barriers into recruitment (policing).
  • Unconscious bias.
  • Hate crimes.
1. Bespoke Training on Stop and Search:

We will be conducting bespoke training on stop and search to build trust between the BME and the police.

This training is significant as the Home Office statistic (2016) shows that from the 386,474 stop and search that were carried out in the UK under section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act; people from black background are 6.5 per cent times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police compare with white people. This training will enable BME’s to know their rights and it will assist to build trust between the BME and the police.

2. Hate Crime and how to gather evidence:

Hate crime training will be conducted to on how to gather accurate and reliable evidence for the police to prosecute the perpetrators of this crime.

The Hate Crime Report (2016) reveals that half of those who reported hate crimes related issues to the police feel dissatisfaction as it produce no results. This could be because the people who reported these crimes may have provided insufficient evidence for the police to prosecute the offenders; while the perpetrators of these crimes will then go unpunished due to lack of evidence. This training will educate BME on how to gather accurate and reliable evidence, so that the perpetrators of this crime can be punished in accordance with the law.

3.Design an effective complaint structure in-conjunction with the UK Police forces:

This will no doubt assist in the operational needs of the police and help to support them in assessing current policing in order to develop new tactics to deal with certain crimes. Furthermore, this would give ethnic minority communities a sense of belonging and acceptance within society by showing willingness from the police to listen to and support their needs.

This project will not only benefit the BME and the Police; it will also assist to develop a safer community in the UK as the BME will have a better understanding how to tackle xenophobic, race-related hate crimes as well as stop and search. It will also give the BME and new emerging communities the confidence to communicate their concern to the police.

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