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Diversity Watch provides consulting services to advance law enforcement programs, support homeland security missions, and improve operational effectiveness. We collaborate with Federal, state and local agencies, conducting program evaluations, providing technical assistance, offering training, and leading change management initiatives.

We also serve as a trusted advisor to government contractors supporting major projects with Federal law enforcement and homeland security organizations, providing strategic direction and insight on matters of mission operations, manpower deployments, workforce culture, and technology modernization.


  • Threat assessment training for law enforcement officers
  • Strategies and training to improve police responses to mentally ill individuals
  • Client-facing relations to support user requirements, quality assurance, and change management
  • Facilitating partnerships between law enforcement, mental health, social science, and criminal justice
  • Technical assistance to improve policing practices and outcomes
  • Developing law enforcement training curricula
  • Technical assistance to secure FLETA accreditation for law enforcement training courses
  • Policy analysis and development
  • Business process design and improvement
  • Advisory services in the homeland security, aviation security, protective intelligence, and protective research domains

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